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“Nursery University”: Preschool Ed At the Price of College Tuition

18 Dec

Here’s to another random post contrived during the holiday season. I’m a documentary fiend so I decided to catch up on some via Netflix Instant.

I recently watched the documentary, “Nursery University.” It’s a film surrounding four children (or should I say their parents) and their search for the perfect nursery school in NYC. The goal is to get their children in the fast track to an ivy league education, which we all know must start at preschool.

What’s the big deal about preschool?

I love preschool. I think it is a vital part of a child’s development. The activities and academic aspects are key components. You learn spatial processing and problem-solving skills. You learn the alphabet and how to express yourself with words. I would almost say the social aspect and byproduct is even higher up on the list of necessary skills for optimal child development. Toddlers learn the ability to empathize, share, and work together, all incredibly important skills for success in…life. Learning to understand other people’s feelings will help a child develop far beyond the immediate scope of circle time.

So she IS gifted!

This film focuses on the pressure–the pressure to pay 25K a year to secure their child’s spot at an ivy. To me that is scary and almost repulsive. You want highly qualified teachers and caretakers. But there seems to be a certain threshold of what is a reasonable amount to charge relative to what they are actually offering. When a preschool is good, it’s good. That in no way means you should fork over the price of a college tuition for advanced finger painting. This creates a for-profit environment and culture that tries to capitalize on overbearing parents in the name of prestige. Ick.

The extreme pressure that these preschools put on NYC upper class parents borders on the “My Baby Can Read” scam (Every Teachers’ biggest nightmare)

It gets even better…

There is a grueling application process. The application process is even more appalling and hilarious. There are admissions essays and multiple family visits and interviews. You need connections and a famous name. The process is absurd! It’s really like a middle school cheerleading try-out popularity contest…with even more bribery.

He really looks like he's ready for Calculus!

I don’t have kids so I can’t and have no right to 100% judge (just a large portion of that 100%…just kidding?). I would solely urge these parents to chill out a little. Relax. Watch their kids grow up. Maybe even potty train their kids first before worrying about their vocabulary and SAT scores in relation to their peers.

If you have an urge to laugh at some overbearing parents, check out “Nursery University”…