Halloween: A Time for Creativity & Tooth Decay

30 Oct

I love Halloween. I absolutely LOVE a holiday with no rules. I love pumpkin-affiliated food products, haunted houses, etc. And, of course, this week’s hilarious Modern Family episode really solidified my interest.

Unfortunately, this year I’ve been a little distracted and haven’t figured out my costume yet (so on top of everything!). I’d like to continue this post with my favorite Halloween costumes.

So every year it becomes a conflict: to be attractive or not on halloween. Every year this dilemma starts even younger (some 6th graders at my sister’s elementary school wore stilletos to their halloween parade).

I’ve decided that next year I want to be something either ridiculous, freaky, or just plain unattractive. Here are my favorite costumes from this year (and possible costume ideas for next year)!

1. Pee Wee’s Playhouse

2. Gorilla

3. Sexy Elmo

4. Sister Wives

5. Mad Men

6. Double Rainbow Guy

7. Antoine Dodson: Hide ya kids, wife, husbands

8. Vampire

9. Board Games-Operation

10. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

Until next year…!


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