Hereafter: Matt Damon-The Only Redeeming Factor

25 Oct

Why, Matt Damon, Whyyyy?

Before I finish up my Mad Men recap (a task that’ll probably take months, especially because I’m starting back at Season 1!), I’d like to analyze the movie I just saw last weekend, “Hereafter.” Typically I would add in here “SPOILER ALERT!” This is not the case with this movie. I wouldn’t recommend seeing it all together so this isn’t so much a spoiler as a persuasive piece. Then again, it all depends on your movie taste.

Right away the film starts with a “BAM!” The transition from the previews to the actual film was unclear until a tsunami strikes. That’s right, a tsunami. And no, they didn’t show this as a quick interlude into the film. It was excruciating. You see a child drown and a woman get hit in the head with a building. This would all make sense if it was that type of movie. Overall it just seemed unnecessary and excessive. But to be honest-I definitely closed my eyes during the first sequence. Maybe it was my fault to view this on a Saturday night instead of “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.” And I hate violence and overly depressing films. Okay, maybe it’s 100% my fault. Regardless, this film was a major and unnecessary buzzkill any day of the week.

Dat was real.

After the Frenchwoman who was submerged under a building was revived-which resulted in supernatural powers that allowed her to communicate with the dead-we are transported to England. This character segment I could not emotionally handle. The scenes in England revolve around two twin boys, one a chatty Cathy and the other a borderline mute, who live in an unstable household. Their mother is an alcoholic and they do everything in their power to save themselves from social services. Obviously social services strives to look out for the better interest of the child. These children had a neglectful mother. Despite this fact, the twins still wanted her there. They had no one else, and she was still their mother. As one of the twins goes to the drug store to pick up medicine for his mom, he calls up his brother to look up what the drugs were on the internet. It turns out they were supposed to help her combat her alcoholism. They weren’t broken promises anymore–dreams really do come true! As soon as we start feeling optimistic, a group of kids start beating him up and taking his pills. He then tries to escape and a car hits him. He dies. I closed my eyes during this scene as well. I watched in agony as the boy talked to the empty twin bed next to him and wore his brother’s baseball hat. He needed his brother there to help him get through it all. I admittedly cried twice (and I’m not typically a big crier in movies). It wasn’t a light cry either.

Aka ME. Yes, that was me. Substitute the stuffed animal with my purse (a signifier of my moderate maturity) and that was my clone during every twin scene

I’ve decided not to go into full detail about the movie–I don’t want to bore you. My general response is that the film was marketed much differently via trailer than how the actual movie turned out, a common Hollywood tactic. It was a disappointing shift and a bad decision in my view. I found it to be depressing and not in a-this is depressing but for a deep philosophical, inspiring, or meaningful-way. The only person I’d recommend the film to is someone who was had an outer body supernatural experience themselves and somehow feels understood by a movie about other people with outer body supernatural experiences. And if you simply (and solely) watch the Matt Damon-focused scenes.

MATT DAMON-Team America Flashback, anyone?

El Fin! Now on to a Netflix Instant “The Office” re-run for a little pick-me-up.


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